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SBE Chapter 37
February 11, 2016  

Our Next Meeting

WMAL Radio

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Meeting Date:

February 10, 2016 at 6:30 PM


4400 Jenifer Street NW
Washington, DC 20015


The WMAL-WRQX Studio facility is located in the Friendship Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC, a short walk from the Friendship Heights Metro Station on the red line.  The facility is located at the corner of Jenifer Street and 44th Street, Northwest, with the main entrance on the 44th Street side of the building.

Please note that there is no free parking in the area so Metro may be a good option to consider.  There is also a commercial parking garage in the building.      


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SNMP & Networking at the Transmitter Site

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Guest Speaker: John Ahern

The Wednesday, February 10th meeting will feature a presentation by John Ahern from Davicom/Comlab on the use of simple network monitoring protocol (SNMP) at transmitter sites. With this goal in mind, he’ll give some background on SNMP and how they feel it is the way of the future for machine-to-machine interconnection, control & monitoring. He’ll also be explaining how the Davicom Transmitter Remote Control units fit into this SNMP “picture.”

As part of his discussion, he'll touch upon:

  • IP networking
  • TCP vs UDP
  • Why SNMP isn’t a “message in a bottle”.
  • SNMP MIB’s and OID’s
  • Data types
  • SNMP Agents and Managers
  • Examples of equipment interconnections

The presentation will start with a quick overview of IP networking at the transmitter site. How most devices now come with embedded mini-web servers, but more and more also now come with SNMP agents. Basic SNMP background will then be covered (TCP vs UDP, MIB’s & OID’s, GET, SET, TRAP, Agents and Managers). To finish-off and demystify the concept, a live example will be presented with a Davicom DV-Mini unit connected to an APC Power Strip.

John Ahern has been involved with radio and RF since the late 1970’s when he obtained his ham radio ticket (VE2DBV) and began connecting early microcomputers to his Heathkit and Drake radios. He obtained his BEE and MEE degrees in 1980 and 1984 (respectively) from Laval University where he worked as a research engineer until 1992. That year he made the jump into private industry when he became DOE and then CEO of Comlab Inc.

Comlab started out by working on the design and development of state-of-the-art telecommunications training systems for a partner named Lab-Volt, now part of the Festo Didactic family. In 1993, following a request from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and also from a public safety agency, Comlab developed a complete line of remote monitoring, alarm & control systems for radio, TV and wireless transmission sites. These systems, which are manufactured under the Davicom brand name, have been sold to prestigious clients like the CBC, Bell Mobility, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Univision, Canada's National Weather-Radio network, American Family Radio (AFR) and many stations of the US Public Broadcasting System (PBS), among others.

Over the years, new capabilities have been added to maintain the product's position as an industry innovator. From initial VT-100 terminal communications, through the addition of fax & voice capabilities, the units have evolved to the present secure-Internet version with SNMP V3 functionality and iOS/Android App support.

Thanks to our friends at WMAL who will host our meeting at their studio facility in Northwest Washington. 

A bite to eat, kindly provided by Davicom/Comlab, will be served at 6:30 PM. We'll discuss some Chapter 37 business about 6:45 PM and begin our presentation about 7:00 PM. Please RSVP by Noon on Tuesday, February 9th by sending a quick e-mail to and let us know if we should expect you for dinner!


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