SBE Chapter 37
SBE Chapter 37
August 24, 2016  


SBE Chapter 37 is a non-for profit organization that depends greatly on the support of its members. The following companies and organizations also provide generous support:

Wheatstone Corporation

Wheatstone Corporation

Thanks to Wheatstone Corporation and Phil Owens for agreeing to buy dinner for members and guests of our July 2016 meeting at Voice of America.


Lawo Logo

Lawo kindly bought dinner for attendees of the August 2016 meeting.


North American Mobile Sys

North American Mobile systems kindly bought dinner for attendees of the June 2016 meeting.

Cavell, Mertz & Associates, Inc.

Cavell Mertz Logo

Cavell, Mertz & Associates, Inc. provides web hosting for Chapter 37 and sponsored dinner at the March, 2016 meeting.

Gates Air

Gates Air

GatesAir, Inc. and Brian Szewczyk helped our Chapter by contributing to the costs associated with the 2015 picnic and May, 2016 meeting. 

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