What: Annual Chapter 37 Picnic
When: August 20, 2005 3:00 PM

Our August Meeting was the Annual SBE 37 Picnic, held at the WMAL transmitter site.

This year's picnic was one of our best attended, with about 30 people, including children at the peak.

John Bisset and Jim Peck handled the cooking chores again this year. We had three companies which provided funds to supply the food and beverage for the event. Broadcast Electronics (John Bisset), SCMS (Jim Peck), and ERI (Peter Acquaviva) all contributed financially to the success of the picnic.

See Below for a shot of John Bisset at his best:
(Photo courtesy of Jim Peck)

Many thanks also to Rick King and WMAL for hosting the picnic at the transmitter site again this year!

The food and drinks were served from about 12:45 pm until stomachs were full (around 2:45 or so). Jim Peck and John Bisset even hung around to help clean up! Talk about full service broadcast suppliers!

We gave away another free invitation to an RSI RF Safety training seminar. You may remember that we gave one away last year. Roger Dufault will be attending the seminar this time for us. The training is valid toward SBE recertification.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the people and companies that contributed to make this year's picnic possible:

John Bisset is the Northeast Regional RF Sales Manager for BE.
Broadcast Electronics, Inc.
Box 4007 - Goffs Falls Road
Manchester, NH 03110

cell - 571-217-9386
office - 603-472-5282
fax - 603-472-4944

Jim Peck works out of the Northeast Sales Office at SCMS.
SCMS Broadcast Sales
North-East Sales Office
Constantia, NY
Office 315-623-7655
Fax 270-717-7908
Mobile 315-430-7458

Peter Acquaviva recently joined ERI as the Radio Northeast Account Manager.
Electronics Research, Inc.
7459 Glenover Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45236

513-891-9622 – Office
866-410-1743 - E Fax
513-258-5655 – Mobile

For more information on the RSI RF Safety Seminar, check out their website at: