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Mike Pappas Portrait
Who: Mike Pappas
From: Orban Labs, Inc.
What: Audio Processing for Streaming & OTA Broadcast
When: February 8, 2022 at 6:30 PM
Sponsor: Jim Peck of SCMS

Mike Pappas of Orban Labs, Inc. will discuss some best practices for audio processing for online and over-the-air broadcasting, with specific focus on the OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise ecosystem.

OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise is an easy-to-use, customizable Linux-based processing platform for multiple broadcast stations or streaming services, with centralized control. It provides Orban’s proprietary OptiCloud™ processing for up to 8 FM and 8 HD/DAB+/Streaming processing channels in a 1 RU package, using an enterprise-class SoftGear™ server and the appropriate OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise Nodes.

Mike’s technical experience spans several decades, including roles in broadcast engineering, government communications, and railway communications. Mike joined DaySequerra in 2015 as VP of Business Development and has assisted this forward-thinking and progressive company in the development of new products, new markets and new business opportunities. In 2016, DaySequerra acquired Orban Labs, Inc., one of the broadcast industry’s best-known names in audio processing. Mike has been heavily involved in Orban Labs since the acquisition, helping to steer the development and market opportunities for a dozen new products. He has installed all of Orban’s beta sites for the new XPN-AM audio processor, and has developed specialized field testing methodology for MDCL operations at different AMC levels. Mike is proud to be part of this revitalization of Orban as it again leads the way in audio processing for radio, TV and Internet streaming.

Special thanks to sponsor Jim Peck of SCMS for sponsoring the video conference and other technical support costs of Chapter 37.  We look forward to (virtually) seeing you soon!


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