What: Audio Time Compression
When: July 20, 2010 6:30 PM

For our July meeting we focused on the history and current developments in audio time compression. Our featured presenter was Geoff Steadman, president and co-founder of 25-Seven Systems. Geoff detailed the important research and scientific findings regarding audio intelligibility and comprehension, described the past and present means of audio time compression, and demonstrated acceptable levels of real-time audio compression. He demonstrated 25-Seven Systems Audio Time Manager, Program Length Manager, and Program Delay Manager (Profanity Delay), and discussed PPM insertion and real life applications of these products.

RFA (Radio Free Asia) hosted our meeting. RFA was a test partner with 25-Seven Systems, looking at the effects of audio time compression on non-English languages. RFA conducted testing across all nine language services, found that time compression was possible, and that it could be used at up to 7% compression/expansion rates with no audible difference to the listener.