Who: Eric Carson
From: Dalet Digital Media Systems
What: Cloud Based Content Transformation of Media Operations
When: January 12, 2016 6:30 PM
Sponsor: Dalet Digital Media Systems

The Tuesday, January 12th meeting featured a presentation from Dalet Digital Media Systems on Cloud Based Content Transformation of Media Operations.  Guest speaker Eric Carson, Senior Business Development Manager, was joined by Mike Harris, Director, Key Accounts.

The presentation focused on how Rich Media Operations can manage the transformation and distribution of media across geographies and architectures. With today's Cloud Based Infrastructure, organizations can now economically scale their operations and support Disaster Recovery and Back Up operations. Dalet showed how today's technology will enable organizations to quickly ramp up ingest, quality control, and transcode operations without incurring the cost of expensive and cumbersome IT and human capital. This discussion was presented as use cases and operational workflows using open systems and nimble software solutions.

Eric Carson, Dalet's Senior Director of Business Development, has extensive experience and background in file-based workflows as the founder of Digimetrics and the original designer of the Aurora QC software. His current responsibilities include developing commercial and technical proposals for customers, channel and alliance strategy, solutions design, media workflow analysis and general product management activities.

Thanks to our friends at PBS who kindly hosted our meeting at their Satellite Operations Center (SOC) in Alexandria.  SOC (see photo and brochure below) is the main transmission point for the PBS interconnection system, feeding programming to more than 350 PBS member stations across the United States and several U.S. territories.  PBS provided a tour of their facility following the meeting.

A bite to eat, provided by Dalet, was served at 6:30 PM. Chapter Chair Kent Kramer discussed some SBE and Chapter 37 business about 6:45 PM.  Specifically, he reminded attendees about SBE National's upcoming salary survey, archived
webinars, and upcoming tower lighting webinar.  He also outlined upcoming Chapter 37 meetings.  Eric Hoehn talked about an upcoming testing period with several people taking certification exams. Eric, who is also the EAS Chair, mentioned the upcoming NPT regional EAS test.  Our presentation began about 7:00 PM and was followed by the PBS facility tour. 

Meeting Attendees

Mr. Jonathan Bernstein
Mr. Garrett Bohannon
Mr. Eric Carson
Mr. Jonathan Charry
Mr. James Cutright
Mr. Steve Floyd
Mr. Thomas Hackett
Mr. Tom Hackett
Mr. Bob Ham
Mr. Mike Harry
Mr. J. Eric Hoehn
Mr. Chris Homer
Mr. Spike Jones
Mr. Jeffrey Koscho
Mr. Kent Kramer
Mr. Rick Marquez
Mr. Kenny Miller
Mr. Horace Murray
Mr. James O'Neal
Mr. Jason Pepino
Mr. Don Phillips
Mr. Ilir Prifti
Mr. John Reiser
Mr. Daniel Ryson
Mr. Matthew Ryson
Mr. Douglas Salewsky
Mr. Philip Schoene
Mr. Julius Suyat
Mr. Fred Willard
Mr. Raynee Woolfenden