What: Cybex Products
When: November 15, 1999 8:00 AM

We had Steve Pulvers from Cybex Corporation of Huntsville, Alabama describing his product line and how it may be very useful in the modern radio station. Cybex is the world's largest manufacturer of KVM devices. KVM stands for Keyboard, Video and Mouse. These devices allow you to use one keyboard, monitor and mouse to control and monitor a few or hundreds of computer systems and with an additional box do so from the comfort of your office, not some noisy server room.

Cybex's line of KVM switches range from the Switchview, a small box that will connect up to four machine, to the Autoview, and the Autoview 200. The Autoview can support up to 64 machines using several units with two user positions. The Autoview 200 is the same unit with the capable to remote one of the user positions up to 500 feet away using standard Cat 5 cable. You can have one position in your office to take care of network problems and one in the server room for software upgrades to the servers. Cybex's boxes are state of the art and upgrade able. Industry leaders like Microsoft have given Cybex a heads up when soon to be released devices are found to be incompatible with their KVM devices. This gives Cybex a chance to develop software upgrades to their boxes.

If you have an existing setup and you would like the ability to remote the user station down the hall, then you want their Longview and Longview Companion. The Longview allows you to remote your keyboard, monitor and mouse up to 500 feet away using Cat 5 cable. The longview companion allows you to add an additional work station at the server site. This unit is great for station automation setups where you leave the keyboard and monitor in the control room and the automation computer is safely lockws up up down the hall. No more, "I don't know how the reset button got pushed..." Cybex's top of the line model KVM box is their XP 4000. This unit does it all! It is configured to your exact needs. You first have user modules for the number of workstations needed and these are individually configured for different security levels and access to particular servers. Then computer modules are added for the number of servers to be controlled. Modules are also available for controlling serial devices such as routers and hubs. This unit is used in large data centers used by banks and brokerage houses. You probably won't need such a unit unless you have ten stations in a single location and all their computer servers are consolidated in one room.

Their final product is especially good for modern chief engineers. It is a box that allows you to totally reboot a computer remotely. The Key-View II does not require software on the computer you are resetting. The computer can be totally locked up and you can do a hard reset or worst case, recycle the power. You can even change the CMOS settings remotely! There are multi-level security features built in the unit. It even has Caller ID built into it, so unless you are calling from one of the preprogramed locations, even if you know the password, you cannot access the computer. This unit can save one of those middle of the night trips to the station just to reboot the station automation. The automation can remain safely behind closed doors and you can bring the system back up in less time than it takes to drive to the station.

Mr. Pulvers was made available to us by Elizabeth Morrell, President of Innovative Computer Resources, Inc of Manassas, Virginia. ICR is a small woman-owned business that focuses on ergonomics and space management solutions. These solutions consisit of: KVM Switching, LAN Racking, Flat Panel Monitors and Mounting Solutions, Enclosures, Ergonomic seating. Mrs. Morrell can advise you on the Cybex product that will meet your needs and supply it. ICR has been trained by Cybex to determine the proper product for your application. ICR's phone number is 800 410 7878 or check them on the web at www.icr-inc.com