What: Engine based Integrated Console/Router
When: May 18, 2004 8:00 AM

Frank demonstrated Logitek's Engine based Integrated Console/Router system. The system, based on the Audio Engine is a versatile, expandable audio router/mixer which can be controlled by various control surfaces both physical (some sort of console) and virtual (usually a PC). The console/router system allows economical use of station resources as well as a level of facility integration and control not available with traditional consoles. Shared resources are maximized while providing for ease of facility configuration and extreme facility management. The engine can act not only as a mixer, but also as a router and an intercom system.

Logitek has been building and selling the current product for approximately five years. For user base, they have approximately 600 installations in the US and abroad, and have actually sold more installations than a well-known manufacturer which uses the same hardware concept.

Logitek has been in business for 25 years, designing and manufacturing audio products for broadcast and professional audio.

For more details from Logitek, check out their webpage at: http://www.logitekaudio.com