What: Harris Broadcast – Pacific Research & Engineering
When: September 25, 2001 7:00 PM

Dick Schumeyer, Harris Corporation, presented the newest series of audio consoles from Pacific Research & Engineering.

Introduced earlier this year, BMXdigital is the long-awaited successor to the renowned PR&E "X-Class" line of consoles. Available in frame sizes from 22 to 38 channels, the modular architecture of BMXdigital features ten stereo mixing buses, six mix-minus channels for CODECs and telephone hybrids, built-in control of routing switchers, dynamic labeling for channel sources and meters, session memory, extensive monitoring and intercom, and many other innovative features. All outputs are available in both analog and digital domain, and channel inputs can be either analog or digital with DIP switch selection.

BMXdigital is already being hailed as "the best-looking console" ever developed. Built upon the same platform, the Legacy console was introduced at the recent NAB New Orleans radio show. Available in frame sizes from 14 to 30 channels, it is intended for more modest requirements. Legacy incorporates many of the same features of BMXdigital, yet is intended to fit in those applications where the venerable PR&E Radiomixer consoles traditionally have been employed.