What: Harris – PR&E Consoles
When: February 1, 2000 7:00 PM

Dick Schumeyer of Harris/PR&E was introduced. Dick is the Territory Manager for Harris Radio Systems in the Broadcast Communications division. He can be reached at 215 321 3338 or e-mail rschumeyer@pre.com.

A little bit of interesting history: PR&E began as engineering consultants to recording studios, and eventually got into building consoles.

Here is a list of names to know in the new Harris/PR&E organization: Dave Pollard is merging the systems operations of North East Broadcast Labs and the Carlsbad group. Rich Redmond is the Systems Sales contact. Dave Howland came from ABG and is the Enco product manager. See him with questions about Enco, Audicy, and Pro Tools. John George is the SouthEast contact for Enco and Audicy. Cindy Edwards is Studio Products Sales. And Tony Mezy is at the Carlsbad Broadcast Center.

The Air Wave is a low-priced analog console with 12 or 20 channels, has a built-in phone module, and features integrated remote control logic. It has only 2 program busses with a mono mix down. The Air Wave digital is also 12 or 20 inputs, and is very similar to the analog console in features, but has 3 program busses with mono. The cost to upgrade from analog to digital per module is $80.00.

The Integrity console is a higher end product, designed to work with a router, is very flexible as a 16 fader work surface, has 2 program channels, 4 mix-minus channels, and one off-line mix.

The Impulse console is a new introduction in the digital arena. It features a monolithic table-top cabinet. The work surface is not modular in design, but the "hood" lifts up, exposing a daughter-card per input approach in the design.

There are three stereo busses, 12 or 20 inputs, 2 telco inputs (with dual mix-minus), analog, AES, or optical inputs, and 4 mic preamps. The cost to change each input from Analog to Digital is $80.00. There are sample rate converters on every input. This feature makes it possible to wire the room without worrying about a common clock for the data.

There is a digital clock (slaveable), built-in logic control, and built-in power supply (switching). The console is fixed at 48kHz sample rate out.

The price of the Impulse console is in the 7,700.00 to 9,700.00 price range.