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Who: James O'Neal
From: TV Technology
What: History and Future of Broadcast System Resilience
When: August 16, 2011 6:30 PM

James brought his NAB 2011 presentation on Broadcast Systems Resilience to Washington, DC for Chapter 37 members.  Here's an overview:

Broadcasting in the United States has been characterized by one very fundamental and important precept-that of rendering service in the public interest. During the past 90 years, broadcasters have faced and met numerous challenges, both large and small, in ensuring continuity of service to the American public. This presentation examined a number of these challenges and the resourcefulness employed by broadcasters in meeting them, from the inception of modern broadcasting in the 1920s to the present day. A detailed look was also offered in connection with the special challenges that exist in maintaining continuity of service in modern broadcasting infrastructures employing 21st century technologies in day-to-day operations.


James has been involved in broadcast technology for more than half a century, beginning with his employment during his early teen years at a commercial radio station in his hometown of Hope, Arkansas. He spent almost 37 years in the field of broadcast engineering before retiring in 2005 to start a second career as technology editor at TV Technology magazine, and continues to the present in that capacity. More than 30 years of Mr. O'Neal's broadcast engineering career was spent with U.S. Government television operations, including the United States Information Agency's Television and Film Service, WORLDNET Television, and VOA-TV. During his association with these organizations, Mr. O'Neal assisted in launching the Government's first global satellite-delivered television network, and was heavily involved in both television facility design and satellite transmission engineering operations.