What: Holiday Party
When: December 15, 2000 8:00 AM

No, it wasn't an ordinary SBE meeting. We didn't have a guest speaker. We didn't learn too much about technology. However, we had a wonderful time. You see, it was our sixth annual Holiday party. And it was good.

A truly perfect mix of friends, food and good cheer made for yet another memorable evening. Contrary to the popular stereotype, engineers are very social beings. The laughter and coversation never stopped.

Our holiday dinner always provides a great evening of fellowship for all who attend. What makes the celebration so special? Our generous vendors. The Chapter wants to extend a gracious thank you to Art Reed and Bob Eburg at Bradley Broadcast (800-732-7665) for sponsoring our reception. The libations flowed freely, thanks to the folks at Bradley, as our guests caught up with the latest in equipment purchases, market projects, and job changes.

After dinner, our holiday gift drawing kept everyone's attention. Some very nice gifts were donated, and received as follows:

  • A Fox 'n Hound signal tracer, donated by the SBE Chapter 37, was received by Eric Hoehn
  • A Portable Butane Soldering Iron, donated by Cecile Gibson, Harris Broadcast (800-622-0022) was received by Susan Loughridge, WPGC.
  • A second Portable Soldering Iron was donated by Dick Schumeyer, Harris Pacific (215-321-3338), and went to Ed Schwartz
  • James O'Neal, USIA-TV, received a DVM donated by Cindy Edwards, Harris Broadcast (828-697-6296)
  • Kelly Bukont (WWZZ) walked away with a DVM donated by Joe Myers, Harris Digital Sales
  • Andrew Corporation donated several Rapala fishing lures, which were combined with calendars, and received by several members.
  • A combination screwdriver, pen, and file set were donated by Cecile Gibson, Harris Broadcast, and received by Bob Baker, WAVA and Fee Lee, Westwood One.
  • Scott Beeler, Director of Domestic Radio Sales for Harris donated a leather credit card and cell phone case, and Bob Clinton of WARW was the recipient.
  • A Schaffer pen set was donated by Bill Meola, Cablewave Systems (203-239-3311) was received by Mike Friedman, the new CE at WJFK. Mike, we were glad to have you attend and become a part of the DC Chapter of SBE!
  • A Harris/Shure pocket knife, donated by John Bisset, Harris Broadcast (703-627-0233) was won by Dan Ryson, Cavell, Mertz, and Davis.
  • John also donated two Harris Maglights, which went to Bernie Cox (Radio World) and Jeff Loughridge (WPGC).
  • A second Fox 'n Hound signal tracer was donated by the Chapter, and received by Wendell Hall (WJFK).
  • Jim O'Neal's wife walked away with a nice golf shirt donated by Bill Meola, Cablewave Systems.
  • Henry Stewart and RC Woolfenden (WFAX) received DVM's donated by Cam Eicher and Cecile Gibson at Harris.

Please take a moment to thank the vendors who helped to make our party a success! Patronize these vendors whenever you can, and mention your appreciation of their support of Chapter 37!