Who: Phil Owens
From: Wheatstone Corporation
What: Intelligent Networked Audio
When: May 17, 2011 12:00 PM

Phil Owens discussed the distributed intelligence built into WheatNet-IP, and how IP audio networks have evolved. He demonstrated how the BLADE (or node) has the DNA of the entire network and therefore can operate in any position on the network. Additionally, Phil showed us how the network can even configure and heal itself. This is possible because every BLADE is self-aware and therefore can be actively swapped out.

Phil also discussed how gigabit Ethernet speed found on the WheatNet system has many times the bandwidth and thus provides improved capabilities for networked audio.

Meeting Attendees

Mr. Richard Cassidy
Mr. Jonathan Charry
Mr. Steve Densmore
Mr. John Fleetwood
Mr. Dave Garner
Mr. Andy Gunn
Mr. Jack Hicks
Mr. John Holt
Mr. Stuart Jagoda
Margo Kelly
Mr. Dave Kolesar
Mr. Donald Lockett
Mrs. Laura Mir
Mr. Brian Oliger
Mr. Phil Owens
Mr. Art Rose
Mr. Thomas Shedlick
Mr. Kenneth Sleeman
Mr. Julius Suyat
Mr. Scott Tanner