Who: Frank Grundstein
From: Logitek Electronic Systems, Inc.
What: IP Protocols for Audio & Video – Networking Update
When: January 10, 2017 6:30 PM
Sponsor: Logitek Electronic Systems, Inc.

On January 10, we had an opportunity to learn about IP networked audio and video networks, which have become the accepted method for renovations and new facility construction.  Our guest speaker was Frank Grundstein of Logitek Electronic Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of Audio Routers, Radio and Television Consoles, and a pioneer in the design and implementation of networked audio platforms.

Frank discussed a number of media transport architectures.  For audio, the industry has largely adopted the AES67 transport standard. For video, there are no fewer than seven "alphabet soup" industry groups proposing different video-over-IP transport solutions.  Frank also examined the emerging AES70 control-protocol architecture for media networks, which focuses on device control & monitoring while working alongside audio/video transport technologies.

Where do we stand and how do we know what protocols to implement for our next facility renovation? We reviewed the current state of IP for audio and video and discussed what might be a Unified Field Theory for broadcast IP.

A bite to eat, kindly provided by our friends at Logitek, was served at 6:30 pm.  We had a brief bit of Chapter 37 business about 7:00 pm, and began our presentation follow shortly thereafter.  Thanks to Radio One for hosting our meeting and to Kent Kramer and Anthony "Frenchy" Moreno for facilitating the meeting and conducting a facility tour.   


Meeting Attendees

Mr. Jonathan Bernstein
Mr. Jon Brandkamp
Mr. Jonathan Charry
Mr. Steven Densmore
Mr. Frank Grundstein
Mr. J. Eric Hoehn
Mr. John Kean
Mr. David Kolesar
Mr. Kent Kramer
Mr. Rick Marquez
Mr. Anthony Moreno
Mr. Horace Murray
Mr. Brian Oliger
Mr. Alex Papadopoulos
Mr. Tim Popham
Mr. Richard Rarey
Mr. Nathan Redmond
Mr. Daniel Ryson
Mr. Karl Schoning
Mr. Sidney Shumate
Mr. Ted Stewart
Mr. Peter Wharton