What: John Reiser – Experiences as a FCC Field Inspector
When: January 20, 2003 7:00 PM

For January's meeting, we met with John Reiser. John is retired now, but spent several decades working in various departments of the FCC.

Everyone who knows John appreciates his sense of humor and wisdom. So it was a great pleasure to have a meeting to sit back and hear some of the things he was involved in during his career.

Most of his reminiscenses related to the time he was involved in the field inspection office, where they spent quite a bit of time travelling and even trouble-shooting spurious radiation. Some of the most fascinating causes of interference can take place purely by accident, such as the time they identified a drain pipe in contact with some copper roofing, which was acting as a broadband detector, and re-radiating an enourmous amount of interference across the AM band.