Who: Daniel Braverman
From: Radio Systems
What: Radio Systems™ New PLATFORM Broadcast Console
When: November 2, 2010 12:00 PM

Radio Systems President Daniel Braverman presented the Platform console and new advances in IP audio for broadcast.

The new PLATFORM broadcast console from Radio Systems offers a new approach to ON-AIR mixing and production, said to befit it’s ‘PLATFORM” name.

The control surfaces link to the engine mainframe via a single Ethernet CAT-5 cable, which also supplies power. And, up to four 4-24 channel surfaces can be connected via a standard Ethernet switch to a single engine, which is claimed to lower system cost.

The 7-inch touch-screen controller avails the operator to many current and upcoming “APPS” including scene settings, AUX bus settings, audio processing, and digital audio storage playback. “Under the hood,” DSP Shark technology supports 128x128 matrix switching, mix-minus and virtual mixer buses, and an “event engine” for remote and facility control.

As you would expect from a Radio Systems product, all connectivity is via StudioHub+ plug-and-play cabling with every RJ-45 jacks powered for full support of all StudioHub+ active peripherals. PLATFORM also relies on and utilizes multiple industry standards including: Ethernet, CopperLan control and power-over-ethernet, which add to console performance and flexibility while increasing industry-wide compatibility and potentially lowering costs.

Another feature, claimed to be unique to The PLATFORM, is the no-cost inclusion of software clients that allow users to run virtual and fully operational “Glass-Screen” versions of console surfaces in neighboring talk, production, and edit studios and anywhere that there is an Internet connection.

Meeting Attendees

Mr. Dan Braverman
Mr. Edwin Bukont, Jr.
Mr. Richard Cassidy
Mr. Jonathan Charry
Mr. Dave Garner
Mr. Andy Gunn
Mr. John Holt
Mr. Frank Hund
Margo Kelly
Mr. Dave Kolesar
Mrs. Laura Mir
Mr. James O'Neal
Mr. Brian Oliger
Rakesh Prasad
Mr. John Reiser
Mr. Art Rose
Mr. Thomas Shedlick
Mr. Kenneth Sleeman
Mr. Lang Sturgeon
Dana Swann
Mr. Steve Tuzeneu