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Who: Robert C. Tarsio
From: Broadcast Devices Inc.
What: RF Power Measurement Techniques
When: June 21, 2011 6:30 PM

Bob touched on three main points related to power measurement:
Past, present and future power measurement techniques - thermal, diode and new RMS detection techniques; the importance of directional coupler parameters for use with RMS detectors; RMS power detection techniques needed for new digital radio and TV broadcast standards--IBOC and 8 VSB require RMS measurement techniques.  Bob will also discussed practical matters including antenna protection systems and interlock and motorized switch management. See the attached white paper PDFs relating to these and other topics.

Bob also talked briefly about another hot topic, the upcoming EAS upgrades that all stations are involved in.

This meeting was hosted by Bob Eburg, SCMS, Inc., Bradley Broadcast Division.


Meeting Attendees

Mr. Bob Eburg
Mr. Richard Fleeson
Mr. Fee Lee
Mr. James O'Neal
Mr. Art Reed
Mr. Thomas Shedlick
Mr. Bob Tarsio
Mr. Russell Taylor
Mr. Fred Willard