What: Salem Radio Labs – Rivendell
When: July 26, 2005 7:00 PM

Our July Meeting was held at Radio Free Asia on M Street in DC

Fred Gleason of Salem Radio Labs was our guest speaker.

Salem Radio Labs was created as the technical research and development department of Salem Communications. Its main goal is to create innovative, efficient software tools primarily for use by Salem Communications, but the products are developed under the “open source” method. Open source software comes with the source code of the software, therefore anyone with programming skills can modify the software package to meet special requirements of a particular facility. Additional features are added to Salem software packages all the time. Because of the licensing practices of open source, any upgrades or bug fixes are shared with all users of the particular software package. This free flow of knowledge has made Open Source software some of most innovative out there in the marketplace.

Two packages put out by Salem Radio Labs were demonstrated at the meeting. One software package shown was "Call Commander," a call screening, remote hybrid control program. Talent, producer and call screener can be kept in touch through LAN, Internet and/or dialup networking connections. It is a highly configurable product. It works with several of the popular hybrids on the market including Telos and Gentner.

The other package demonstrated was their "Rivendell" radio broadcast automation system. This a complete radio automation system being used by some of the Salem stations and their network uplink facility. The system has an easy to use live assist interface which is easily adapted to a touch screen monitor. Rivendell interfaces to most common traffic systems used today and will adapt to most music tracking software packages being used in stations today. It will control some of the smallest routing switchers to some of the largest ones.

For more information on these package offered by Salem Radio Labs, go to their website at: