What: SBE Chapter 37 Annual Picnic
When: August 7, 2004 1:00 PM

August was the month for our annual picnic. We met again at the WMAL transmitter site, thanks to Rick King and his boss who was there to greet everyone. We enjoyed food in the form of chips and salsa, hamburgers and hotdogs, and a wide choice of cold drinks. John Bisset was our usual chef, flying in from New Hampshire and he brought an assistant cook, Jim Peck now of SCMS.  They provided most of the food for our enjoyment.

The famous volleyball net came out one more time, and we had a good series of games that brought out the competition in everybody.  There were probably a few bruises and aching backs the next day.

It was a good time to catch up on everyone's career.  Fee was working part time, and looking for something permanent.  Eric has been with XM now for about 4 years.  John Reiser is handling retirement well, with his concert recording "business" on the side.  Ken Sleeman has been married about a year, and is settled in at Bonneville.  Bob Clinton has been working for CMD Consulting now for two years.  John Bisset is a Dielectric representative, and helping them grow into new areas.  Jeff Loughridge and Roger Dufault are holding down the fort in Lanham at the Infinity stations.  And of course, the picnic would not have been the same if Rick King didn't work for WMAL.