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Who: You!
What: SBE Chapter 37 Picnic
When: September 22, 2018 12:00 PM
Sponsors: SCMS , The Telos Alliance , and Vertical Technology Services, LLC

The SBE Chapter 37 picnic is always a good opportunity for you to meet with broadcast engineering friends, spouses and families. We got together, told "war stories," and dined on delicious food.  We also had elections for new Chapter 37 officers. (There's more on that below.)

Many thanks to Jim Peck of SCMS, Paul Fitts and Owen Garland of Vertical Technology Services, and our friends at The Telos Alliance for their support. Thanks also to Brian Oliger, Dave Kolesar, and the folks at WTOP for helping to make arrangements and for hosting the picnic at the WFED AM 1500 transmitter site.  Last but not least, we appreciate the help from picnic attendees who regulared offered and contributed help. It was truly a team effort!

We began serving food a little after 12:30 pm.  Following that, we raffled door prizes.  Jim Peck of SCMS contributed a brand new Sparc model SHD-T750 HD Radio which was won by Patricia Reiser.  John Reiser (Patricia's husband) donated a copy of the NAB Engineering Handbook (7th Edition) which was won by Dan Ryson.  Everyone went home with something nice thanks to Jim Peck and our other sponsors.  

Elections were held due to the expiring terms of Kent Kramer and Brian Oliger.  Dave Donaldson (of WUSA-TV / Tegna fame) was nominated and Kent agreed to run another term.  Brian Oliger has agreed to remain active to facilitate the transition and help assure continuity.  We thanked him for his tireless service to the Chapter. 

Meeting Attendees

Mr. Bud Aiello
Mr. Tony Aiello
Mr. Robert Curry
Mr. David Donaldson
Mr. Phil Espitallier
Mr. Alex Flavin
Ms. Carmelina Fleming
Mr. Ulis Fleming
Mr. Steve Floyd
Mr. Mike Friedman
Ms. Gale Garziglia
Mr. John Garziglia
Mr. Cory Haber
Mr. Emmet Hobgood
Mr. J. Eric Hoehn
Mr. David Kolesar
Mr. Kent Kramer
Mr. Anthony Moreno
Mr. James O'Neal
Ms. Pam O'Neal
Mr. Brian Oliger
Mr. Jim Peck
Mr. John Reiser
Mr. Mark Reiser
Ms. Patricia Reiser
Mr. Daniel Ryson
Ms. Linda Ryson
Mr. Edward Schwartz
Mr. Kenneth Sleeman
Ms. Luisa Sleeman
Ms. Leslie Stimson
Mr. David Weaver
Mr. Fred Willard