Broadcasters General Store
Who: Sam Chreiteh
From: Critical Systems Consulting Group
What: Tower, Line, Signal & Data Grounding & Protection
When: August 9, 2022 at 6:30 PM
Sponsor: Broadcasters General Store

With electrical storms commonplace this time of year, our August 9th meeting topic couldn't have been more timely.  Sam Chreitech, principal and founder of Critical Systems Consulting Group (CSCG), gave a presentation (here) and shared his insight on the following topics:

  • Bonding for Equipotential - Single Point Grounding Technique
  • Grounding Electrode System - Site Ground Field
  • Tower Grounding
  • Transmission Line Grounding
  • Shield Grounding of Signal Carrying Cables
  • Surge Protective Devices of Copper Based Power, Data and Communications Cables 

Sam Chreiteh holds a BSEE degree from Louisiana State University.  He has extensive involvement in many facets of the conceptual design, planning, and auditing of mission-critical facilities such as data centers, 911 emergency operating centers, as well as utility and communication site infrastructures.  Mr. Chreiteh has first-hand experience with lightning protection systems and associated grounding for industrial, commercial, and government projects including the design in the telecommunication industry and distributed antenna systems for 4G, 5G, and public safety sector networks.  Sam is a subject matter expert responsible for industry challenging designs and standards addressing electrical power quality, power distribution, grounding, precision cooling, lightning protection, and overall management concerns for critical facilities.

Special thanks to sponsor Broadcasters General Store for sponsoring the video conference and other technical support costs of Chapter 37.


Meeting Attendees

Mr. Ricardo Alfaro
Mr. Robert Ballou
Mr. Frank Burgert
Mr. Ken Cardosa
Mr. Jonathan Charry
Mr. Sam Chreiteh
Mr. Johnathan Dassler
Mr. Joseph Fleming
Mr. Thomas Hackett
Mr. William Harrison
Mr. Rob Hawthorne
Mr. J. Eric Hoehn
Mr. Steve Jackson
Mr. Chuck Lindner
Mr. James O'Neal
Mr. James Snyder
Mr. Brian Truong
Mr. Jim Welch
Mr. Raymond Wilke
Mr. Fred Willard