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Job Description

Responsible for working with the Chief Engineer on all technical operations and to be ready, willing and capable of assuming all of those duties in his/her absence. Will be in charge of all remote transmitter (9), translator (13), and STL repeater sites (5) include maintaining all station assets and equipment at these sites, including all electronics, emergency power plants, HVAC systems, and physical structures. Assists with maintenance of the main WVTF studio equipment and facilities, including all terrestrial, internet, and radio reading service broadcast functions. Consults with and provides training to the radio station’s personnel about the station’s technical operation. Monitors daily operations to ensure legal compliance with the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission.

Required Qualifications

Good working knowledge of broadcast electronics at the component level

Strong understanding of and working experience with Radio Frequency (RF) systems and high-power broadcast transmitters utilizing both solid state and high-power tetrode amplifiers

Understanding of HD Radio and “multicasting” technology

Ability to work with test equipment for both analog and digital systems

Experience with computers and computer-based audio systems in a broadcast environment

Working knowledge of computer systems and networks, internet and websites, plus computer software programs and hardware maintenance

Strong troubleshooting skills

Knowledgeable of current FCC rules and regulations and radio station operations

Good interpersonal skills for dealing with coworkers and the general public

Preferred Qualifications

Experience in radio broadcast working directly with high power broadcast transmitters

Ability to operate a 4wheel drive vehicle in mountainous terrain in normal and adverse weather conditions

FCC General Class License or SBE Certification preferred but not required

Additional Information

The successful candidate will be required to have a criminal conviction check.

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