By popular demand, SBE now offers certification examinations four times a year administered at local chapters. An August examination has been added to the June and November cycles.

If you are planning to take any of the SBE certification tests, exam preparation is facilitated with the new sample tests on CD. The sample exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions similar to the actual exam. You can fax an order with your credit card number to: 317-253-0418. The sample test is available for download ($35.00) or CD ($39.00 plus $3.00 for shipping). For more information contact SBE National at: 317-846-9000.

To apply, please fill out an application form and send it, along with the appropriate fee, to Megan Clappe, SBE Certification Director at (317) 846-9000 The application and fee must be received prior to the application deadline date. For any questions regarding local tests, please contact Chapter 37 Certification Chairman, Eric Hoehn at SiriusXM Radio (202) 380-4109.

With many available certification categories, it is hoped that one is appropriate for you. For a complete listing and description of all certification levels, see


Exam DatesLocationApplication Deadline
February 2-12, 2024Local ChaptersJanuary 31, 2024
April 16, 2024NAB ShowMarch, 2024
June 7-17, 2024Local ChaptersApril 26, 2024
August 2-12, 2024Local ChaptersJune 14, 2024
November 1-11, 2024Local ChaptersSeptember 6, 2024

Change to CBNT Recognition

SBE National has changed the policy of accepting other computer certifications including those from Novell and Microsoft for the CBNT Certification. Because the other certifications have been changed so often or are no longer offered, the SBE Certification Committee has decided to discontinue recognizing other IT and computer-networking certification programs as equivalent sources for CBNT certification.


The certification program of the Society of Broadcast Engineers has been recognized by the National Skills Standards Board (NSSB). The U.S. Congress established NSSB in response to the explosion in the number of industry certifications in the marketplace. Individuals, employers and policymakers are faced with the enormous task of identifying quality certifications that meet the needs of today’s dynamic workplace. NSSB Certification Recognition was designed to help users of certifications by identifying those that meet high professional and technical standards for quality assurance. To receive recognition, a certification must undergo a comprehensive review to ensure that it meets specific quality requirements.

The Society of Broadcast Engineers Program of Certification began in 1975 as an industry response to the reduction in FCC operator licensing. Since then, the program has grown to include a group of sequential certifications that cover traditional broadcast engineering skills and knowledge, as well as certifications for television operators, radio operators and broadcast computer networking technologists.

While the broadcast industry has long accepted SBE Certification as a valid mark of an individual’s skill, the SBE National Certification Committee has sought approvals from outside the broadcast industry to further the program’s existing reputation.

SBE offers the following SBE certification levels:

  • Cert. Radio Operator (CRO)
  • Cert. Television Operator (CTO)
  • Broadcast Networking Certifications
  • Cert. Broadcast Networking Technologist (CBNT)
  • Cert. Broadcast Networking Engineer (CBNE)
  • Cert. Broadcast Radio Engineer (CBRE)
  • Cert. Broadcast Television Engineer (CBTE)
  • Cert. Senior Radio Broadcast Engineer (CSRE)
  • Cert. Senior Television Broadcast Engineer (CSTE)
  • Cert. Professional Broadcast Engineer (CPBE)
  • Cert. Broadcast Technologist (CBT)
  • Cert. Engineer Video (CEV)
  • Cert. Engineer Audio (CEA)
  • Cert. ATSC 3 Specialist (ATSC3)
  • Cert. 8-VSB Specialist (8-VSB)
  • Cert. AMD Specialist (AMD)
  • Cert. DRB Specialist (DRB)

“This achievement marks a significant peak for the Program of Certification,” said Chriss Scherer, CSRE CBNT, former chairman of the SBE National Certification Committee. “The SBE Certification Committee members-current and past members alike-devote a great deal of time and effort to the Program of Certification. This honor strengthens our belief in our own efforts and takes SBE Certification to a higher standard of excellence.”