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SBE Chapter 37 is a group of broadcast engineers and multimedia technology professionals based in and near Washington, DC

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About SBE Chapter 37

SBE Chapter 37 is a local, Washington, DC-based professional organization of friendly radio, television, and multimedia technology professionals. Our group includes local, national, and international network technicians, consulting engineers, electronics manufacturers, and Federal employees working in media and broadcasting positions. If that describes you, you’re welcome to attend one of our meetings or join our group!

Most of our members live, work, or have roots in Washington, DC or the nearby Maryland or Virginia Suburbs.  We meet most months to exchange ideas, increase our skill levels, and (sometimes) just to socialize. Chapter 37 is part of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE), the only organization devoted to the advancement of all levels and types of broadcast engineering. With nearly 5,000 members and 114 local chapters worldwide, the SBE provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of information to help media professionals keep pace with our rapidly changing industry. The SBE amplifies the voices of broadcast engineers by validating skills with professional certification, offering educational opportunities to maintain and expand those skills, and speaking out on technical regulatory issues that affect how you work.

Regardless of your area of broadcast interest, you are sure to find a warm welcome at the Washington DC Chapter of the Society of Broadcast Engineers. Please join us at our next meeting and try us out for size. We hope you will enjoy your visit.

SBE Chapter 37 Current Events

    Cullum USA
    Cullum USA
    Jordan Moran, Cullum USA
    Who: Jordan Moran
    From: Cullum-USA
    What: Fundamentals of Sound Isolation, Acoustic Windows & Doors
    When: July 9, 2024 at 6:30 PM
    Where: WETA TV & FM - Register Here
    Address: 3939 Campbell Avenue
    Arlington, VA 22206 United States

    Sponsor: Cullum-USA

    Join special guest Jordan Moran, vice president of Cullum-USA, for a presentation on the fundamentals of sound isolation. Everything from doors, windows, and interior finishes will be discussed, and Jordan will share some tips on improving the acoustics of your existing space.

    Cullum-USA is the American Operations of Cullum Group - a World Class specialist engineering company renowned for providing advanced engineering solutions in the international markets it serves. Cullum has proven capabilities and experience utilizing the skills of our highly qualified engineers and designers working both in our Richmond, Virginia office and our UK headquarters in Heanor, Derbyshire. We are committed to developing partnerships in order to provide the services to meet client's financial and operational constraints. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are able to draw on a wide range of specialist services: mechanical, structural, civil and electrical engineering, acoustics, inclusive design, sustainability, alternative technologies and whole life value. We combine superb engineering with a clear understanding of our clients' needs and an uncompromising focus on care, quality and attention to detail. In our long history, we have met, and continually exceed, our client's expectations. Currently the office supports its customers via Sales, Application Engineering, Project management and Logistics.


SBE Chapter 37 Recent Events

    It happens to nearly every broadcast engineer eventually - someone routes a phone call or forwards you an email from someone complaining that your sig... (More)
    Mini Bits By The Bay 2024
    With Too Many to Name!
    After a long hiatus, Bits By the Bay, the Washington area’s own technical conference for media professionals, is returning on Wednesday, May 22, 202... (More)
    SBE Law Update
    With Patrick Cross of Brooks Pierce
    The SBE is an advocate for its members on regulatory and legislative issues at the FCC, NTIA, Capitol Hill, and beyond that affect broadcast engineers... (More)
    MEDIA FORWARD: WKHS – 50 Years of Broadcast Instruction
    With Jim Ragsdale, Chris Singleton, and Dave Van Dyke
    This SBE 37 / DC SMPTE meeting is in cooperation with SBE 46 - Baltimore. Important notes - this meeting is a DAYTIME event, Tuesday 11 am – 2 pm to... (More)
    Fractional Frame Rates: How Do We End Them?
    With Merrill Weiss, Eric Wenocur, and James Snyder
    In the U.S. we have been living with the 29.97fps video frame rate since the advent of color in 1953. This legacy of NTSC analog television is so deep... (More)

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