As the Society of Broadcast Engineers continues to develop its relationship with the Department of Defense as co-primary users of the 2025-2110 MHz spectrum, tools are being created to make it easier for both parties to coordinate and cohabitate in this congested band. The first of these tools are a monthly update and a KML file showing activity in the band. The SBE is making these available via the SBE website under Frequency Coordination Tools ( > Frequency Coordination > Frequency Coordination Tools). These tools are a combination of extracted FCC license data and information provided by SBE local frequency coordinators.

The first tool is a PDF document that will show any changes for the most current month. This is a concise report showing what has changed in the last 30 days and could be a culmination of both changes in the FCC database and any updated information provided by local coordinators. This monthly update will also note any changes in how the data is being presented in the KML file, such as new features and/or additional information that is available. It is best to think of this document as release notes for the KML file, the second tool that will be part of the monthly updates.

The KML file, supported by Google Earth, notes all known licensed users of the 2025-2110 MHz with data either provided by the FCC database, SBE local coordinators’ databases, or both. The file will show all data available regarding that license. If it is a fixed-link license, it will show the transmit and receive sites, clearly marked with different icons representing each end, and a line connecting them. If it is a mobile license, the file will note the operational area as defined by the FCC license as well as any registered receive sites.

We are hopeful that SBE local coordinators and our members will find these tools helpful and useful. Of course, these tools are only as good as the information that is used to build them. We encourage all our local coordinators and our general membership to review the data in these tools and let us know if something is not correct. Please feel free to send any data correction information to and we will work with the licensee(s) and the builders of these tools to ensure it gets updated. Be sure to keep an eye on the Frequency Coordination pages as additional tools and information become available and are published.

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