At the 2022 NAB Show, the Society of Broadcast Engineers unveiled an enhancement to the society’s website that allows members to add some personal information to their membership listing. SBE members can add their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social networking page links and a profile picture, which will be visible to other SBE members. Members can also enter and track information for their own recertification points, which are only visible to the individual member.

The SBE website was updated and relaunched at the end of 2020. The member profile section was one of several additions built into the redesign plan.

The member information is displayed by running a membership search on the website and then clicking the member name for the added information. Only SBE members can view the results, and must be logged in to the website. Members can add to or update their own information by finding their own listing in the directory, clicking their own name, and then selecting the option to update their information or track their recertification points. Once the member contact information is submitted, it will be reviewed before being publicly available.

The website enhancement was publicly announced at the SBE Membership Meeting, held April 25 at the 2022 NAB Show. SBE President Andrea Cummis, CBT, CTO, said, “With so many people using social media, it was natural to enhance our own membership listings to include those sites. The added function of tracking SBE recertification points addresses a call from members to assist them with their recertification.”

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