The Society of Broadcast Engineers has most of its members in the United States, but there are members based all over the world. The SBE has a chapter based in Hong Kong and in the Republic of Georgia. The Society’s international expansion continues with an action taken by the SBE Board of Directors at its meeting in Columbus, OH, during the SBE National Meeting. The newest SBE chapter will be based in Canada to serve its members there.

The new chapter authorization was announced during the SBE Membership Meeting, held the evening of Sept. 29, 2023. Given the wide geographic area of the entire country, the new chapter’s plan is to primarily meet virtually, a method that has been used by many SBE chapters during the COVID pandemic.

A group of 27 Canadian SBE members worked together, meeting the requirements to form an SBE chapter. As part of the application process, officers have been selected to lead that group. They are: Chapter Chair Jeff Welton, CBRE; Chapter Vice Chair Jordan Thomas; Chapter Secretary John-Erik Rempillo, CPBE; and Chapter Treasurer Ron Combden, CPBE, CBNT.

On the formation of the new chapter, SBE President Andrea Cummis, CBT, CTO, said, “I’m proud of the work our Canadian members have done to bring members together. With virtual chapter meetings now commonplace, it was a natural step to better serve our Canadian members.”

To form a new SBE chapter, at least 10 SBE members must meet three or more times, as well as some other administrative requirements. Once accomplished, an application can be submitted for the SBE Board of Directors to review. The SBE authorized Chapter 148 Eastern Europe at its 2022 National Meeting.

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