Advances in Wireless Video
with Jim Jachetta of VidOvation
Who: Jim Jachetta
From: VidOvation
What: Advances in Wireless Video
When: February 15, 2018 7:00 PM
Sponsor: VidOvation

Our friends at SMPTE (DC Section) invited us to join them at their February meeting, which was held Thursday, February 15th at NAB.  Their guest speaker was Jim Jachetta, EVP of Engineering and CTO, VidOvation.

The technical director of A&E’s live reality show “Live PD” faced several technical issues. One major challenge was how to cost-effectively produce a live cop show in six cities simultaneously using up to 41 cameras. The show is a REMI (Remote Integration Model) production, where every camera is home run from each police vehicle to A&E master control in New York. All cameras must be in perfect genlock synchronization, and have perfect audio and video lip-sync, because there is no time in a live broadcast to correct synchronization issues.

In this presentation we explored the details behind the video transmission solution from VidOvation and AVIWEST that solved this unique technical challenge.  Learn about AVIWEST’s SafeStreams® technology, with advanced forward error correction, that automatically re-requests dropped packets and uses bonding techniques, precision timing, and adaptive bitrate encoding over bonded cellular and the public Internet.

We also discussed new developments in wireless technology that facilitate broadcast-quality transmission up to 3 kilometers with only 7 milliseconds of latency. A unique combination of adaptive modulation and a highly adaptive H.264 codec enable reduced latency and increased picture quality in wireless video transmission.

Our meeting began about 7:00 pm with networking and refreshments sponsored by VidOvation. Our presentation began shortly thereafter. 

Meeting Attendees

Mr. Craig Abrams
Mr. Jonathan Badrain
Mr. Jonathan Bernstein
Mr. Mark Bulla
Mr. John Fleetwood
Mr. Thomas Hackett
Mr. J. Eric Hoehn
Mr. Henry Hunt
Mr. Jim Jachetta
Mr. Patrick Kennedy
Mr. Kent Kramer
Mr. Daniel Maxwell
Mr. James O'Neal
Macie Ochman
Mr. Brian Oliger
Ms. Deborah Roberts
Mr. Daniel Ryson
Mr. John Saunders
Mr. Mike Skehan
Mr. Gregory Smalfelt
Mr. Sean Sullivan
Mr. Eric Wenocur
Mr. Bill Weston
Mr. Fred Willard