What: Annual Picnic
When: August 18, 2007 12:30 PM

August 18th was our annual picnic once again and, as in the past, we met at the WMAL Transmitter Site and Gardens. The SBE Chapter 37 picnic is an opportunity for you and yours to meet with broadcast engineering friends, and this year was no exception.

Our food sponsors included Broadcast Electronics (John Bisset presiding at the grill with the spatula, along with Lynn Turner - Eastern Regional Sales Mgr), SCMS (represented by Mary Schnelle this year - Jim Peck was unable to make it this year). A new sponsor, Rox Electronics (David Eltzroth) covered the cost of the rental. And before we forget, WMAL once again provided the location (thanks to David Sproul and Tom Shedlick, who dealt with the deliveries and some other footwork).

We held an election for new SBE Board Members at this meeting. Here is a listing of the surviving nominees/volunteers for the board (they got elected!):

* Chuck Bullett
* Roger Dufault (Returning)
* Eric Hoehn (Returning - Certification?)
* Fee Lee (Returning)
* Tom Shedlick
* Ken Sleeman (Secretary or Certification)

We should be hearing from the new board once they meet and establish the final arrangement of the leadership team.