DTV Repack – T-Mobile Plans for 600 MHz Band
with Scott Hewitt and Jim Dugan of T-Mobile
Who: Scott Hewitt and Jim Dugan
From: T-Mobile
What: DTV Repack – T-Mobile Plans for 600 MHz Band
When: August 13, 2019 6:00 PM

A bite to eat, kindly provided by our friends at T-Mobile, was served at 6:00 pm. We had a bit of SBE/AES/SMPTE business about 6:30 pm, including promotion of upcoming events scheduled into January such as the September annual picnic and the upcoming RF safety seminar in October.  We sought nominations for new Chapter 37 board members for the upcoming election to be held in September at the Annual Picnic.  Also discussed was upcoming AES/NAB cooperation with some shared SBE and SMPTE sessions planned in the broadcast technical track for the convention, including contributions by several participants from the Washington, DC market.  Last but not least, guest speakers Scott Hewett and Jim Dugan were introduced. 

As of August 2nd 2019, many television stations in Washington, DC and the northeast corridor just transitioned to new broadcast channels.  UHF television channels 38-51, also known as Band 71, is licensed to T-Mobile and other winning auction bidders.  Scott Hewett from T-Mobile presented on the business side of frequency repack, timing for implementation, and alternative frequencies available for wireless microphones. Particularly useful was a county by county timetable and frequency band layout that gives wireless users at least a few more weeks to mitigate upcoming interference. Jim Dugan of Jetwave Wireless followed with an outline of his company's capabilities to streamline and coordinate large venues, sporting events, master antenna systems, methods to maximize use and practical implementation of production and broadcast business wireless microphone and IFB use with less bandwidth.

Contributing to National Spectrum Outreach programs within T-Mobile’s National Development organization, Scott Hewett’s primary focus has been clearing incumbent broadcasters being repacked following the 600MHz Broadcast Incentive Auction. Scott began his wireless career at Alan Dick & CO (UK), where he served as President and GM of ADC’s USA operations. Originally a manufacturer of broadcast antennas, Scott directed the conversion of the business to become a successful provider of base station antennas to wireless carriers. ADC USA became an early provider of cross-polar antenna technology, primarily to domestic (Andrew, now Commscope) and Japanese (Hitachi Cable) OEM partners.

Prior to joining T-Mobile, Scott served in several management roles at Cellular Specialties Inc. , a provider of in-building wireless (iDAS) gear to wireless carriers. Over different assignments, Scott held responsibility for repeaters, antennas, passive components, and active DAS conditioning (UDIT). He rebranded several products as ClearLink ™, to promote their passive low-intermodulation (PIM) features that help reduce unwanted noise during a cellular transmission. Scott later became VP Strategic Partners and a member of CSI’s senior staff. Scott a graduate of Purdue University and works from his office in Bedford, NH.

SBE Chapter 37 wishes to thank our guest speakers along with Jetwave Wireless and their staff for kindly sharing their facility and going to great lengths to host the meeting.

Meeting Attendees

Mr. Ricardo Alfaro
Mr. Kelly Alford
Ms. Nicole Bailey
Mr. William Bowser
Mr. Tre Canady
Ms. Helen Carr
Mr. Jonathan Charry
Mr. David Donaldson
Mr. James Dugan
Mr. David Eltzroth
Mr. James Fabunmi
Ms. Jennifer Garrett
Mr. John Garziglia
Mr. Thomas Hackett
Mr. Scott Hewett
Mr. J. Eric Hoehn
A Joyner
Mr. Justin King
Mr. Kent Kramer
Arkar Kyaw-win
Mr. William Lee
Mr. Robert Lindner
Mr. Bill Magliocco
Mr. Luis Mattos
Seibert Murphy
Ms. Leilani Nieves
Mr. James O'Neal
Mr. Mike Rivers
Mr. Christopher Root
E Serrano
Mr. Sidney Shumate
Ms. Natalia Sizov
Mr. Tu Vu
Mr. Fred Willard