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Who: David Agnew
From: GatesAir, Inc.
What: FM Composite Multiplex over IP STL
When: September 20, 2017 6:30 PM
Sponsor: GatesAir, Inc.

Our September SBE meeting topic, Transport Robust and Secure FM Composite Multiplex Signals Over an IP STL, was brought to us by David Agnew of GatesAir. 

The emergence of high bandwidth IP network connections is an enabler for the transport of the FM composite multiplex (MPX) signal in a Studio-to-Transmitter Link (STL). David presented use cases to illustrate differences between all analog, all digital, and dual domain FM MPX STLs and the tradeoffs they present with respect to compatibility and network bandwidth, scalability, and delay. They also showed us how this IP based STL can be sent across legacy 950 MHz RF STL channels.  Those who attended our February meeting know how this IP based STL can be sent across industrial microwave channels.

David Agnew is the Channel Manager of Intraplex Products with GatesAir in Mason, Ohio. Mr. Agnew is responsible for management of Intraplex product distribution channels in North America. David recently returned to Gates Air in January of 2017. He has 30 years of experience in AM and FM broadcast engineering starting in 1986 as a self-employed contract engineer, 12 years with Harris Corporation, in various positions including Radio Field Service and FM Applications Engineering, and the last 12 years as Director of Engineering with iHeart Radio in Lincoln, NE and Northern Colorado markets. Mr. Agnew has been an SBE member and Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer, holds an AAS degree in Electronics Engineering and continued education in Mathematics and Computer Science. 

Brian Szewczyk, GatesAir's District Sales Manager for our region, was present to answer questions and provide a brief update on GatesAir's line of transmitter products.

Sandwiches, kindly provided by our friends at GatesAir were served about 6:30 PM. We briefly discussed SBE business about 7:00 PM and began our presentation shortly thereafter. Thanks to our friends at WTOP for hosting the meeting.

Meeting Attendees

Mr. David Agnew
Mr. Mike Benonis
Mr. John Diamantis
Mr. Richard Fleeson
Mr. Steve Floyd
Mr. J. Eric Hoehn
Mr. David Kolesar
Mr. Kent Kramer
Mr. Daniel Maxwell
Mr. Carl Swanson
Mr. Brian Szewczyk
Mr. Russell Taylor
Mr. Fred Willard
Mr. Ren Zheng