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Who: Louis Libin
From: Broad Comm Inc.
What: Inauguration – Frequency Coordination Overview
When: January 5, 2021 6:30 PM
Sponsor: Vertical Technology Services, LLC

With the Presidential Inauguration once again upon us, our January 5th, 2021 guest speaker was Louis Libin of Broad Comm, Inc. Louis has managed Presidential Inauguration frequency coordination since 1981 and has once again been appointed the Designated Frequency Coordinator for 2021. This meeting joint meeting of SBE Chapter 37 and the Washington, DC section of SMPTE was attended by current Washington and Baltimore frequency coordinators Jim Dugan and Mike Rhodes, as well as prior frequency coordinator James Snyder.

Major event frequency coordination is always a challenge. One significant difference in 2021 was the pandemic, which changed the logistics significantly. [Notably, the January 6, 2021 riot and violent attack at the U.S. Capitol further changed logistics.  However, this was unknown at the time of our meeting on the evening prior to the attack.] 

This presentation discussed the process for "Full Spectrum" Frequency Coordination, a new concept to everyone. Despite best efforts, interference incidents can still occur. For example, if a broadcaster interferes with public safety or law enforcement, how do the two parties attend to such incidents? Full Spectrum now means that broadcasters are now on the same committee and communications channel as all the Federal and State agencies. With improved means of communication, it just might work! Even the RF War Games are now being coordinated with all law enforcement, public safety, as well as military. This is another level of insurance for all RF users. We will discuss the process of coordination planning and RF enforcement at the event.

In 1996, Louis founded Broad Comm, Inc., a consulting group specializing in cyber security, advanced television broadcast, interactive TV, Intellectual Property and wireless communications and is chair of ElectionWireless2021 (EW2021), the Political Conventions, and Presidential Inauguration Frequency Coordination Committee, an FCC recognized position.

Louis is Vice President for Spectrum Engineering and Strategies at Sinclair Broadcast Group responsible of spectrum scenarios and national development and deployment (more here). Louis sits on ITU committees and the WRC23 FCC Advisory committee.

Louis Libin was Chief Technology Officer for NBC and was responsible for satellite, wireless, and communication issues for General Electric and NBC.

Thanks to sponsors Paul Fitts and Owen Garland of Vertical Technology Services, LLC for their recent financial support of Chapter 37's recent Zoom sessions and other technical support costs.

Meeting Attendees

Mr. Ricardo Alfaro
Mr. Robert Ballou
Mr. Kevin Basquill
Mr. Michael Baxter
Mr. Edmund Berkey
Ms. Anne Brooker-Grogan
Mr. Ken Cardosa
Mr. Joseph Davis
Ms. Mary Diaz
Mr. James Dugan
Mr. Joseph Fleming
Mr. Steve Floyd
Mr. John Footen
Mr. Mike Friedman
Mr. Ed Grogan
Mr. Willy Halla
Mr. Wayne Hart
Ms. Jasmin Henderson
Mr. J. Eric Hoehn
Ms. Heidi Holmstrom
Mr. Karl Jackson
Mr. Spike Jones
Mr. Al Kenyon
Mr. Kent Kramer
Mr. David Layer
Mr. Louis Libin
Mr. Bill Magliocco
Mr. Horace Murray
Mr. James O'Neal
Mr. Macie Ochman
Mr. Brian Oliger
Mr. Tim Popham
Mr. Andrew Prouse
Mr. Michael Rhodes
Mr. Christopher Root
Mr. Daniel Ryson
Mr. Tim Sawyer
Mr. Rick Singer
Mr. James Snyder
Mr. Jonathan Solomon
Mr. Norman Stein
Mr. Carl Swanson
Mr. Eric Wenocur
Mr. Peter Wharton
Mr. Chris Wilde
Mr. Kelly Williams