What: IP Audio Codecs and SIP-Based Communication
When: February 16, 2010 7:00 PM

Obviously the aftermath of this record breaking snow fall made travel very difficult throughout the city, but for the hardy souls that got through, Daniel Loeffler, presented a discussion about IP-based codecs, SIP-based communication and products designed to utilize these technologies.

Specifically, Mr. Loeffler discussed the following equipment and technology:

  • C11 Product Family: C11 Ultra Small codecs provide Audio-over-IP based on EBU N/ACIP standards using Ethernet, 3G networks, BGAN , Flashcast TM auto-connect ISDN to all non-MAYAH codecs, ASI and POTS.
  • SPORTY: New Portable Reporter CODEC, a tool for live reports, sports, news, voice over, radio interviewers and commentators.
  • FLASHMAN II: A Next-Generation Portable Recorder CODEC, provides two professional microphone or line-level XLR inputs for recording to SD card or USB Stick, in both advanced and conventional audio formats.

MAYAH® Communications’ develops innovative, high quality solutions for audio and audio/video communications in broadcast and corporate networks. Focus is given to standardized audio and video formats, such as MPEG-1, -2 and 4 as well as proprietary but accepted formats such as E/apt-X, ADPCM4SB and others.

MAYAH has shown technological leadership in audio transmission by inventing FlashCast®, the automatic codec recognition, which allows compatibility to nearly all standard and proprietary audio codecs in the market.