What: Larry Bloomfield’s Taste of NAB
When: August 6, 2007 6:30 PM

If you were unable to attend the NAB or missed some new technical innovations, this was an opportunity to catch some of the highlights. Larry Bloomfield assembled an assortment of equipment to display and prepared a PowerPoint presentation to fill in the details.

There were about 33 attendees that signed the attendance sheet, and it was a joint meeting with attendees invited from the local AES, the Baltimore SBE Chapter, and the Fort Meade SBE Chapter.

The meeting began with the closing of the nominations for new Chapter 37 board members. At the previous meeting, we had volunteers and nominations of the following:

* Chuck Bullett
* Roger Dufault (Returning)
* Eric Hoehn (Returning - Certification?)
* Fee Lee (Returning)
* Dan Ryson (Possibly Vice Chair?)
* Tom Shedlick
* Ken Sleeman (Secretary or Certification)

There will be a vote by ballot at the Picnic (August 18). The results of the vote will be made official at the following meeting which is to be determined.