Who: Bud Aiello
From: National Public Radio
What: NPR’s New Broadcast Facility
When: October 14, 2014 12:00 PM
Sponsor: NPR Satellite Services

Perhaps you have heard that the new National Public Radio facility must be seen to be believed.  Well... October meeting attendees just had that opportunity, with a visit and tour of NPR's new headquarters and studios. 

Meeting sponsor NPR Satellite Services kindly provided lunch.  We are thankful for their support. During lunch, Kent Kramer conducted a tiny amount of Chapter business and then we got underway with NPR's presentation.  Some interesting statistics were provided by NPR's Bud Aiello, our guest speaker in his Powerpoint presentation:

  • 330,000 Square Feet
  • Certified Leed Gold
  • 20 Studios
  • 34 Audio Console System
  • Dual 8124 x 8124 Audio Routers with Virtual Layers
  • Fully Automated On Air switching to 24 Output Channels and ICM/IFB
  • Fully Automated Internal Routing and Facility Assignments
  • 4.5 MW Generator System
  • 2.4 MW UPS System
  • Ground System is Buried Under the Building

Following the Powerpoint, that also included photos of the facility that were impractical for us to see in person, Bud and Dan Riley took us on a tour of the facility.

We were pleased to see many Chapter 37 members, visitors from neighboring chapters (Baltimore, Ft. Meade, and Hampton Roads), as well as a number of guests.


Meeting Attendees

Mr. Bud Aiello
Mr. Steven Barousse
Mr. Allen Baylus
Mr. Doug Bievington
Mr. Bob Boone
Mr. Sam Brown
Mr. Ed Bukont
Mr. Todd Cowling
Mr. William Dargan
Mr. V. Lee Dennis Jr.
Mr. Richard Fleeson
Mr. David Garner
Mr. Andrew Gunn
Mr. Mike Harris
Ms. Darlene Holmes
Mr. Jesse Janosky
Mr. George Kinney
Mr. David Kolesar
Mr. Kent Kramer
Mr. Fee Lee
Mr. Donald Lockett
Ms. Krissy Mabry
Mr. Ashok Malhutna
Mr. Brian Oliger
Mr. John Penovich
Mr. Normen Portillo
Mr. Frank Qualls
Mr. Michael Rhodes
Mr. Dan Riley
Mr. Art Rose
Mr. Daniel Ryson
Mr. John Salmond
Mr. Lang Sturgeon
Mr. Russell Taylor
Mr. Michael Vaia
Mr. Tu Vu
Mr. Fred Willard
Mr. Peter Yokel