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WFED-AM Transmitter Site - Register Here

2015 University Blvd West
Wheaton, MD 20902 United States

Who: You
What: SBE Chapter 37 Picnic
When: September 14, 2019 12:00 PM
Where: WFED-AM Transmitter Site - Register Here
Address: 2015 University Blvd West
Wheaton, MD 20902 United States

Sponsors: SCMS Inc. and Vertical Technology Services, LLC.

The SBE Chapter 37 picnic was an opportunity for us all to meet with broadcast engineering friends, spouses and families. We got together, told "war stories," and dined on delicious food.  Jim Peck of SCMS provided numerous nifty prizes that were awarded in drawings across the afternoon, including an AKG microphone , SHURE Sound Isolating earphones, along with T-shirts and SWAG from various vendors.  For the second year in a row, SBE member John Reiser donated a copy of the NAB Engineering Handbook which was also given as a door prize.  Tours of the Telos Alliance van and WFED transmitter site took place throughout the afternoon.

We also had an election for new Chapter 37 officers.  Eric Hoehn, who has served the Chapter for many years as the EAS and Certification guru, was nominated and voted into office.  Prior to the meeting, Brian Oliger welcomed some of Eric's EAS responsibilities, which facilitated this change.

Many thanks to sponsors Jim Peck of SCMS as well as Paul Fitts and Owen Garland of Vertical Technology Services for their support.  Thanks also to Brian Oliger, Dave Kolesar, and the folks at WTOP for hosting the picnic at the WFED AM 1500 transmitter site once again.  We're also thankful to the army of volunteer helpers who helped throughout the day with setup, cooking, and/or cleanup.  As is commonly said, "Many hands make light work!"

Meeting Attendees

Mr. Bud Aiello
Mr. Rob Bertrand
Mr. David Donaldson
Mr. David Eltzroth
Mr. Phil Espitallier
Mr. Ulis Fleming
Mr. Steve Floyd
Mr. Mike Friedman
Mr. David Garner
Ms. Sandy Garner
Ms. Gale Garziglia
Mr. John Garziglia
Ms. Anne Grogan
Mr. Ed Grogan
Mr. Robert Heid
Mr. J. Eric Hoehn
Mr. John Judge
Mr. David Kolesar
Ms. Carrie Kramer
Mr. Kent Kramer
Mr. Fee Lee
Komkit Listisard
Mr. Horace Murray
Mr. Jim Peck
Mr. Tim Popham
Mr. John Reiser
Ms. Patricia Reiser
Mr. Daniel Ryson
Ms. Mary Schnelle
Mr. David Weaver
Mr. Fred Willard
Tracy Wood