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Skip Pizzi
Who: Skip Pizzi
From: Public Media Venture Group
What: Shifting to ATSC 3 – NYC’s Lighthouse Alternative
When: July 28, 2022 at 6:30 PM
Sponsor: SCMS Inc.

ATSC 3.0 is a subject much in the news today.  Our July meeting highlighted an important anticipated milestone in the format’s implementation with plans to initiate ATSC 3.0 broadcasting in U.S. market number ONE: New York City.  (More here.) 

Guest speaker Skip Pizzi, Senior Consultant to Public Media Venture Group, presented an overview of the ATSC 3.0 format's advantages, discuss progress in its adoption worldwide, and provide first-hand knowledge of the building and stumbling blocks in launching the new television broadcast format. Skip's presentation (attached) outlined the "lighthouse" model being used in most markets to transition from ATSC 1.0 to 3.0.  He then focused on a unique approach to be used by The WNET Group in the NYC transition (for which he is Project Manager) that could offer some advantages over the traditional model.

A major effort is now underway to launch NextGen TV service (the consumer-facing name for ATSC 3.0) in New York City and surrounding areas - the largest television market in the country encompassing approximately 7.45 million TV households - according to Nielsen. The WNET Group's WLIW(TV) ("WLIW21") will serve as the host station for ATSC 3.0 broadcasts for PBS (and possibly other) content in the New York metropolitan area.  (More here.)

In preparation for its NextGen TV debut, WLIW21 has completed extensive engineering testing and operational planning, relocated its transmission facilities to One World Trade Center in lower Manhattan, installed a new transmitter and related equipment, and upgraded the station's physical plant. As with any launch of ATSC 3.0 service, the transition is subject to FCC approval.  The WNET Group will make a separate announcement upon the launch of the NextGen TV service.

This meeting was brought to you by SBE Chapter 15, New York City and SBE Chapter 37, Washington DC.  We appreciate the cooperation.  Special thanks to sponsor Jim Peck of SCMS for sponsoring the video conference and other technical support costs. 

Due to the widespread interest of this topic, the presentation was held twice - once during the day and again in the evening.  We were delighted to see many familiar and new faces in attendance from these organizations:

  • SBE Chapter 2, Northeastern PA
  • SBE Chapter 11, Boston MA
  • SBE Chapter 15, New York NY
  • SBE Chapter 22, Central New York
  • SBE Chapter 37, Washington DC
  • SBE Chapter 41, Central PA
  • SBE Chapter 45, Charlotte NC
  • SBE Chapter 46, Baltimore MD
  • SBE Chapter 54, Hampton Roads VA
  • SBE Chapter 58, Northeast NY
  • SBE Chapter 60, Richmond VA
  • SBE Chapter 78, Blue Ridge VA
  • SBE Chapter 93, Raleigh - Durham NC
  • SBE Chapter 109, Des Moines, IA
  • SMPTE Hollywood CA Section
  • SMPTE New York NY Section
  • SMPTE Washington DC Section
  • SBE National

Meeting Attendees

Mr. Jeff Andrew
Mr. David Barth
Mr. Paul Bassett
Mr. Rufino Baura
Ms. Yvonne Bennett
Mr. Joop Beunders
Mr. Craig Bordelon
Mr. Paul Campbell
Ms. Joanne Carl
Arkaprava Chaudhuri
Mr. Paul Colley
Mr. Steve Cooper
Mr. Scott Dargan
Mr. Larry Deeds
Severin Di Croce
Mr. Mark Eagle
Mr. Thomas Edwards
Mr. Bob Escobedo
Mr. Paolo Fermin
Mr. Craig Fingar
Mr. John Fleetwood
Mr. Vince Forcier
Mr. John George
Mr. Rafael Gonzalez
Mr. Karl Graebener
Ms. Jill Greenblatt
Mr. Ed Grogan
Mr. John Hajinlian
Mr. John Hane
Mr. William Hayes
Mr. Christopher Hernandez
Mr. Matt Howell
Mr. Henry Hunt
Mr. Chris Imlay
A Joyner
Mr. Nicholas Kalogris
Mr. Ted Karam
Mr. Al Kenyon
Mr. Rashid Khawaja
Mr. Jon Koons
Mr. Jeffrey Koscho
Mr. William Laziza
Mr. Carroll Lee
Mr. Michael Lemmond
Mr. Ian Leonard
Mr. Robert Levesque
Mr. Chuck Lindner
Mr. Robert Lindner
Luann Linnebur
Ms. Amy Lodes
Mr. John Marino
Ms. Denise Mastrullo
Mr. Sam Matheny
Mr. Glen Maxheleau
Mr. Michael McCamy
Ms. Karen McCone
Mr. Tom McGinley
Mr. Andrew McKinney
Mr. Anton Mittag
Mr. Michael Morkavage
Ms. Becky Mundschenk
Mr. Horace Murray
Mr. Keith O'Malley
Mr. Keith Paglia
Mr. Darrin Paley
Mr. Scott Parker
Keenan Patience
Mr. Bob Pectelidis
Mr. Jason Pepino
Mr. James Ragsdale
Mr. Mark Randlett
Mr. John Remondin
Mr. Jonathan Renuart
Mr. Roy Richards
Mr. Shawn Richardson
Mr. Hal Roach
Mr. Rudy Ruiz
Mr. Jeff Schick
Mr. Brad Seecof
Mr. John Seminerio
E Serrano
Mr. James Sherred
Ms. Cara Shillenn
Ms. Julia Siguenza
Mr. Jake Skiba
Mr. Don Smith
Mr. James Snyder
Mr. Bill Soreth
Mr. Paul Spinelli
Montre Staton
Mr. Al Stephens
Mr. Sam Straus
Mr. Norton (Brad) Strommen
Mr. Chris Strong
Mr. Charles Stutsman
Mr. Bruno Tariant
Mr. Larry Thaler
Mr. John Thomas
Mr. Mike Thompson
Mr. Ted Traniloni
Mr. Conrad Trautmann
Mr. Patrick Turner
Mr. Dan Ullmer
Mr. Pete Van Peenen
Mr. Bob Van Valzah
Mr. Eddy Vanderkerken
Mr. Christopher Vazquez
Mr. Joel Vera
Mr. Anthony Versley
Ms. Beth Walsh
Mr. Cory Wheeling