WAMU Combined Antenna
with Tom Silliman, Rob Bertrand, and Andy Gunn
Electronics Research, Inc.

AU Media Production Center - Register Here

4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20016 United States

Free parking available after 5pm beneath Anderson Hall, adjacent to the tower, or in the surface lot adjacent to the nearby Child Development Center. If you enter “AU Media Production Center” into your GPS, it should take you right to the location of the event.

Tom Siliman, Rob Bertrand
Who: Tom Silliman, Rob Bertrand, and Andy Gunn
What: WAMU Combined Antenna
When: May 18, 2023 at 6:30 PM
Where: AU Media Production Center - Register Here
Address: 4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20016 United States

In 2020, WAMU completed a years-long effort to build a new master FM system to improve its signal in partnership with WTOP at its tower on the campus of American University. The site is also home to WPFW, WMMJ, WETA-FM (aux), and WPGC (aux). A unique design enables WTOP to deliver its directional signal from the same panel antenna system as the non-directional stations. Additional standalone antennas serve the unique needs of other broadcasters.

Join ERI CEO Tom Silliman and WAMU Senior Director of Technology Rob Bertrand as they recap the tale of the tower project from inception to final perfection amid a pandemic. See the newly rebuilt WAMU transmitter facility with Director of Engineering Andy Gunn and meet other members of the project team. They will collectively offer a guided tour of the buildings and the combiner system at the heart of this distinctive site. Tom Silliman will offer his unique insight on the system’s design, the challenges they overcame, and how his company pulled so much of it together in-house.

Presentation and light dinner (courtesy of ERI) to be provided in the television studio of the AU Media Production Center, located at the base of the tower on the AU Campus.

A zoom offering of the presentation portion of the evening will be provided. Tours will be only be available to those onsite that evening. Regardless of how you plan on attending, please Register Here.

Meeting Video:

Meeting Attendees

Eric Hoehn
Fred Willard
Horace Murray
Art Rose
Dave Kolesar
Dave Garner
Maciej Ochman
Jeff Andrew
Dan Ryson
Kent Kramer
Kishore Persaud
Pat Malley
David Layer
Nick Paulin
Andy Gunn
Tom Silliman
John Reiser
Dave Tate
Kennedy Wright
Matthew Marino
Rob Bertrand
Kyle Fisher
William Harrison
Jim Beahn
Maurice Thomas III
Jerry Paris
Jeffrey Elliott
Peggy Miles
Steve Floyd
Jon Bennett
Ken Sleeman
Robert Clinton
Brian Truong
Michael Crawford
Greg Strickland
Tom Shedlick
Montre Staton
Fred Klimes